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Temu launches shipping express to reduce cross-border e-commerce logistics costs

sofreight.com sofreight.com 2023-11-17 12:15:06

Recently, Temu has cooperated with world-famous shipping companies such as Matson, Zim, CMA CGM, Maersk, and COSCO Shipping Lines to solve cross-border e-commerce logistics problems through express shipping.


This cooperation marks that Temu will usher in a new logistics era, bringing faster and more economical cross-border logistics services to consumers and merchants.



Temu sellers can choose two modes: stocking up in advance or shipping based on actual orders.

Thereafter, the logistics link is divided into three parts. First, there is the domestic head-haul, which sends the goods to the domestic warehouse; then there is the main line transportation, which is sent by Temu from the domestic warehouse to the overseas transshipment hub by air through the logistics service provider; and then through the third-party logistics partner For example, UPS, DHL, etc. complete the last-mile delivery to overseas users.




Temu's increased deployment of sea transportation will greatly reduce logistics costs, help Temu further implement its low-price strategy for goods, attract more consumers, and also strengthen its profitability.


This cooperation is regarded by the industry as a major innovation in the cross-border e-commerce logistics model, marking that shipping express will become the mainstream method of cross-border e-commerce logistics in the future.


In the increasingly fierce e-commerce competition, logistics has become the key to success. The cross-port logistics platform will provide you with personalized logistics solutions and efficient transportation services, so that you don’t have to worry about cross-border logistics.