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Sunny Worldwide Logistics clearly removes the blockbuster in transportation

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-07-12 11:47:39

Jack is a purchasing manager of a Australian Brisbane Trading Company. In May this year, he purchased a number of high -end electronic equipment in China. He chose the logistics A company to transport these high -end electronic equipment from Shenzhen, China to Australia's Brisbane.When communicating with Logistics A from Shenzhen, China to Australia's Brisbane time, everything is quite smooth, but the goods are in Bridbane, Australia.Customs clearance processThere was a problem in China, which caused the goods to be detained for 1 month and eventually returned to China.


Jack is very anxious, because these goods are the main products of the company. If you cannot transport high -end electronic equipment from Shenzhen, China to Bridbane, Australia in time, this batch of goods cannot enter the local market in a timely manner, which will cause a lot of great performance to the company's performance.Impact.He decided to re -select a logistics company to ensure that the goods can reach Bridge, Australia smoothly.

Through the introduction of friends around, Jack, Australia's Bridbolis buyer, chose Hongmingda Logistics.Hongmingda Logistics Senior Sales Ting one -on -one with Jack, Australia's Bridbridbane buyer, Jack.Hongmingda Logistics has more than 20 years of experience in international cargo flow. The average experience of employees has a wealth of experience and professional teams in customs clearance.Talk about how Hong Mingda Logistics cleared.

Because the product is high -end electronic equipment, the name is a bit sensitive in the customs.Hongmingda Logistics Senior Sales Ting first got the information from the supplier with Jack, Australian Brisbane buyer, to confirm whether the high -end electronic equipment contains batteries, whether there are brands, and whether it belongs to second -hand equipment.Suppliers confirmed that these high -end electronic equipment have batteries and brands, but they are not second -hand equipment. Therefore, Ting confirms that the equipment is a dangerous product based on the power of the battery and requires the supplier to perform sea transportation identification.Because of the brand, Ting first checked whether the brand belongs to the brand on the customs website. If it belongs to it, it needs to be authorized by the brand Fang. If it is not a brand brand, just declare the supplier's own brand.It is precisely because of Ting's major that it can be successfully cleared when checking the cabinet in the customs.I guess the first logistics A company found by the guests must have no in -depth understanding of the product, and it will be deducted by the customs when customs declaration.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics

Sunny Worldwide Logistics When dealing with customs clearance, a series of regulations and procedures will be followed to ensure that electronic products can be cleared smoothly.In addition to having professional customs clearance capabilities, Hong Mingda Logistics also provides full logistics tracking, nodes always feedback services, allowing Australian Brisbane buyers JACK to learn from the transportation of electronic products from Shenzhen, Australia, Australia.

In the end, with the help of Ting, these high -end electronic products successfully passed the customs inspection and arrived in Brisbane, Australia 4 days in advance compared to the contract agreed time.

There are many important links in transportation from Shenzhen, China to Bridbore, Australia, Customs clearance process Just one of them, Sunny Worldwide Logistics will take into account all aspects of the transportation of goods, to clear the blockbuster in the transportation, Sunny Worldwide Logistics is more repaid than the owner. Come on a small test.