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Sudden! Two more MSC container ships hit by missiles

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Less than a week after the crew of the "MSC Aries" was released by Iran, two container ships operated by Mediterranean Shipping MSC, the "MSC Gina" and the "MSC Diego", were once again attacked by missiles from the Houthi armed forces.

At 2 a.m. on May 7, when the "MSC Gina" was passing through the Gulf of Aden, about 315 kilometers south of Socotra Island in Yemen, the Houthi armed forces launched a missile attack on the ship with a capacity of 4,000 TEUs. . This is the third time that the MSC Gina has been attacked by Houthi armed forces.

At the same time, another 4,000TEU ship "MSC Diego" was also attacked by Houthi armed forces in the Gulf of Aden. Fortunately, no crew members were injured in either attack.

According to JMIC's assessment, "MSC Diego" and "MSC Gina" may have been targeted because they were considered by the Houthis to have affiliations with Israel. Although freedom of navigation and the free flow of maritime trade remain top priorities, the southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden remain key threat areas, and the Houthis have the ability to attack all types of ships. Current threat assessments indicate that Israeli, American or British vessels pose the greatest risk.

"MSC Gina" was built in 1999, has a capacity of 4056TEU, flies the Panama flag, and currently serves MSC's "EXTRA VESSELS" route.

"MSC Diego" was built in 1999, has a capacity of 4056TEU, flies the Panama flag, and currently serves MSC's "EAST AFRICA EXPRESS" route.

At the time of the attack, a nearby coalition warship responded quickly and assisted the two container ships. Fortunately, neither vessel was damaged and all crew members on board were safe, with no injuries reported. The latest news shows that the two ships are heading to their next port of call.

Since the Houthi armed forces began targeting maritime trade on November 19 last year and attacked a cargo ship named "Galaxy Leader" near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait in the southern Red Sea, nearly 100 merchant ships have been attacked by the Houthi armed forces. Attack. Multiple MSC ships have been targeted in the Red Sea and the Western Indian Ocean in recent weeks, and Iranian forces also seized the MSC-operated container ship MSC Aries in the Strait of Hormuz, although Iran released the ship's crew. The 25 crew members of the Galaxy Leader are still detained in Yemen, more than 160 days after being detained due to the Palestinian-Israeli war.

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