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Negotiations break down! German railway transport may be affected by strike!

Souhangwang https://www.sofreight.com/school/souhang_information_article?id=66442&type=2 2023-12-01 10:33:02

Negotiations break down! German railway transport may be affected by strike!

The collective bargaining conflict between Deutsche Bahn and the train drivers union GDL continues to escalate, with the two sides getting further and further away from a common solution

Recently, the first round of collective bargaining between Deutsche Bahn and GDL began just two weeks ago. The GDL organized a 20-hour warning strike a week ago, which paralyzed most of the country's railway traffic.

Negotiation focus
The current focus of collective bargaining is the union's demand to reduce the weekly working hours of shift workers from 38 hours to 35 hours a week, without reducing wages. They believe rail jobs will become more attractive with fewer hours worked per week.

In addition to reduced working hours, the GDL also requires employees to receive an additional €555 per month as well as an inflation compensation bonus. So far, the railways has offered a salary adjustment of 11 per cent for 32 months as well as an inflation compensation bonus.

The GDL also hopes to expand the association's influence on overall railway operations and negotiate collective agreements in the railway infrastructure sector. Deutsche Bahn believed that they did not have such representative capabilities and rejected this request.

strike warning
The GDL announced on Friday that the second round of collective wage negotiations with Deutsche Bahn had broken down and announced a new warning strike against Deutsche Bahn.

A vote by GDL union members on an indefinite strike is still ongoing; results are expected at the end of December. If 75% of voters agree to an indefinite strike, the GDL can also use this method to exert pressure in collective bargaining disputes.

Once GDL continues to organize strikes, railway transportation will inevitably be affected. If there is no adequate preparation, it will cause delays in cargo transportation. As a global one-stop logistics platform, the cross-port logistics platform can provide you with a complete logistics plan to ensure The goods are delivered safely and on time.