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MSC updates port connections on two routes; Hong Kong cracked the largest cargo smuggling case in history!

Ting sofreight.com 2023-06-29 18:31:38

NO.1 MSC updates port docking on two routes

Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) recently announced that in order to continuously improve transportation time and increase booking rates, it will adjust the port connections of the Far East Northwest route Chinook and the Far East US route Santana.

Starting from the UK328A voyage of the "MSC DAMNA" ship departing from Yantian Port on July 15th, the port docking on the Chinook route will be adjusted.

New port sequence for Chinook route
Image source: China Aviation Weekly's intrusion and deletion

The new port of call sequence is: Yantian - Shanghai - Qingdao - Busan - Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - Yantian.

The adjustment of port connections on the Santana route will begin with the UX326X voyage of the "MSC VILDA X" vessel.

New Port Sequence for Santana Route
Image source: China Aviation Weekly's intrusion and deletion

The new order of affiliated ports is: Haiphong - Shanghai - Ningbo - Busan - Manzanillo - Cris Tobar - Caucido - Port Evergrace - Baltimore - Lasarocadenas - Haiphong.

NO.2  HKD 1.5 billion! Hong Kong cracked the largest cargo smuggling case in history

On June 26, the Hong Kong Customs held a press conference to announce a smuggling case involving 15 containers with a total value of 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 191 million US dollars), which is the largest smuggling case in History of Hong Kong's history in terms of value.

It is reported that these containers were found at the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals in Hong Kong and reported to contain wood pulp, but the actual containers were filled with wooden boxes, a small number of wooden boxes contained original paper, and a large number of smuggled goods were hidden in the remaining wooden boxes, including about 1.1 billion electronic products (integrated circuits, circuit boards, capacitors, etc.), 25 tons of precious food materials, 20000 bottles of wine, 27000 discs and Phonograph record, as well as controlled endangered species.

This batch of smuggled goods is suspected of being transported to mainland China through Singapore using ocean going vessels. If smuggled into mainland China, it will evade tariffs of approximately HKD 600 million. At present, after a follow-up investigation by Hong Kong Customs, a manager of a logistics company has been arrested, who is responsible for receiving orders and arranging transportation. The case is currently under investigation.

No.3 Japan Airlines's cargo export volume dropped year-on-year for 17 consecutive months

According to the data released by the Japan Airlines Cargo Transport Association, Japan's air cargo export volume (calculated by mixed cargo) in May decreased by 28% year on year, to 57733 tons, a year-on-year decline for 17 consecutive months. After entering 2023, there will continue to be a decrease of about 30%. The export volume to Asia has significantly decreased by 30-40%.

According to the report, Japan Airlines's cargo export volume was far lower than that in May 2019 (76706 tons) before the COVID-19 epidemic, and large freight forwarders said that "there is no positive sign at all". The decline in Japan's exports to Asia has been particularly significant. Exports to Asia and Oceania decreased by 32% year-on-year.

NO.4  Japan has re included South Korea in the "export whitelist"

According to Yonhap News Agency, on the 27th, the Japanese government decided to re include South Korea on the "export white list", bringing an end to the export control dispute between the two countries that began in 2019.

According to reports, the Japanese government finalized some modifications to the "Export Trade Management Order" at a cabinet meeting on the same day, bringing South Korea back on the "Export White List".

According to the report, the revised decree will be issued on June 30th and officially take effect on July 21st. At that time, Japan can apply a package license when exporting products or providing technology to South Korea.

NO.5  The third batch of annual undocking of Jiangnan Shipyard was completed

Recently, the last 24100TEU container ship (H2741 ship) built by Jiangnan Shipyard for Mediterranean Shipping Company and the fourth 93000m3 VLGC (H2738 ship) built for PETRODEC were undocked.

The first 15000TEU dual fuel container ship (H2771 ship) built for DaFei and the first 15500TEU container ship (H2760 ship) built for SEASAN company are partially floating.

From June 13 to June 26, the third batch of annual undocking of Jiangnan Shipyard was successfully completed.