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Labor creates the future, the May 1 Labor Day holiday notice is here!

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-04-28 15:52:03


Without labor, there is no happiness.

Labor Day is a day when we give thanks to workers.


Labor is a virtue,

May Day is a day when we celebrate workers.


labor is creation future source of

Labor Day is a day when we thank workers.


Labor is the driving force of human progress,

May Day is the day we honor our workers.

May Day is a very important festival, its significance is to commemorate the labor and contribution of the working class, and it is also a festival to recognize and thank all the hard-working people.


1889 Year7moon,The second led by Engels The International holds a congress in Paris. Resolution passed at the meeting,Regulation1890Year5moon1Day International Workers March,and decided to put 5moonThis day is designated as International Labor Day.


The May 1st Labor Day holiday arrangement ofSunny Worldwide Logistics is hereby notified as follows:


Holiday from April 29 (Saturday) to May 3 (Wednesday), a total of five days

Normal work on May 4th (Thursday)


period The company's business consulting , If you cannot reply in time, sorry for the inconveniences caused.


It can also be mailed to: logistics01@swwlogistics.com.cn


thank you has always been right Sunny Worldwide Logistics With the support and trust of logistics, we will continue to provide you with high-quality logistics services.


wish everybody five one happy labor day !