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How to Clear Customs - Australia

even Hongmingda Logistics 2023-04-04 09:04:10

Australian customs clearance is an important procedure that importers must follow. It ensures that imported goods comply with Australian import standards and laws, and ensures the protection of Australia and Australia. Today, let me learn how to successfully pass the Australian customs clearance. The article is mainly divided into three parts: customs clearance process, customs clearance assets, and customs clearance documents.

How to successfully pass the customs clearance—Australia

one. The Australian customs clearance process is as follows:


1. Submit the declaration: Importers need to submit import declarations to Australian customs, including detailed information, value, quantity, origin, etc. of the goods.


2. Customs review: Customs will review the import declaration to check whether the goods comply with Australian import standards and laws.



3. Pay taxes and fees: Importers need to deduct taxes and fees, including import tax deduction, value-added tax, consumption tax, etc.



4. Inspection and inspection: Customs will inspect and inspect the goods to ensure that the goods meet Australia's health, safety and environmental standards.


5 pcs. Release and Cleanup: If the goods pass the inspection and quarantine of the customs, the customs will release the goods, and the importer can take the goods.


6. have to be aware of is, Different types of goods need to comply with different import standards and standards. Importers need to know the standards in advance, and they are related, and, and related, and ensure that the goods are in compliance with the relevant goods regulations and standards, standards, regulations, regulations and .

How to successfully pass the customs clearance—Australia

two.Australia Clearance assets

1. Australia can do import customs clearance in the name of companies and individuals.

2.The company does not need to have the right to import, and the individual is not an Australian citizen, but the goods must be brand new for customs clearance in the name of the individual.

3.Must have a correct Australian address, submitsale taxIt is collected by address.


three.Documents required for customs clearance

master bill of lading / Branch bill of lading master bill of lading/sub-bill of lading

Commercial Invoice/Packing List/China-Australia Certificate of Origin

packaging statement


If there are wooden products or wooden packaging, provide Certificate of Fumigation (fumigation certificate) ;

in the case ofMDFmaterials, only the MDF statement , do not need to provide fumigation certificate.


( The above customs clearance documents only needcopydocuments, no original documents required )



Customs clearance Importer Customs important important communication, smooth communication of customs clearance, helpful, helpful for smooth, helpful for goods goods goods goods are detained or detained, reduce detention detention, reduce being detained, reduce reduce reduce reduce reduce, reduce The reduction has reduced the merchandise well enough to enter the Australian market.

How to successfully pass the customs clearance—Australia

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