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Hapag-Lloyd’s entire fleet switches to Starlink

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Hapag-Lloyd’s entire fleet switches to Starlink

Hapag-Lloyd announced on September 21 that it will begin transforming maritime connectivity this year by using Starlink across its fleet.

Hapag-Lloyd said this strategic decision was made on the basis of a successful trial. Since May this year, seafarers on four trial ships have had the opportunity to test Starlink technology. Feedback from these trials has been very positive. High-speed satellite internet has revolutionized communications for sailors, enabling smooth video calls and streaming services.

Starlink offers impressive bandwidth of up to 250 megabits per second, making it easier for mariners to use for personal use and enabling Hapag-Lloyd to conduct remote maintenance and ship inspections. This innovation will save costs and improve service quality.

Hapag-Lloyd said that the next step will be to complete technology procurement and antenna installation by the end of 2023, and gradually activate free fast Internet services on board in early 2024. Dr. Maximilian Rothkopf, Chief Operating Officer of Hapag-Lloyd, sees a huge benefit: “It is great to offer seafarers Starlink’s high-speed satellite internet, thus improving their well-being on board. But also for fleet management, in terms of communications and connectivity The changes will also be huge."

Donya-Florence Amer, Chief Information Officer/Chief Human Resources Officer at Hapag-Lloyd, added that the introduction of this new technology into the fleet marks an important step in ensuring connectivity at sea and has the potential to revolutionize how seafarers communicate at sea. Way.