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Extreme weather caused port congestion over the past week!

Souhangwang https://www.sofreight.com/news_65231.html 2023-09-18 18:53:33

Extreme weather caused port congestion over the past week!

NO.1 Extreme weather causes congestion at major ports!
Extreme weather, especially typhoons and hurricanes in North Asia and the United States, has led to increased congestion at major ports. Linerlytica recently released a report stating that the number of ship queues increased during the week ending September 10.

North Asia, in particular, was hit by heavy rains during the typhoon season, with super typhoons "Saola", "Khanun" and "Hai Anemone" hitting mainland China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

In addition, Linerlytica estimates that there are about 400,000 TEU ships waiting in queues at ports in North Asia and North America that were hit by Hurricane Idalia in Florida. In North America, there is snow accumulation along the entire East Coast, with wait times as long as four days, with Savannah, Norfolk, Baltimore and Charleston currently the hardest hit.

NO.2 The first domestically built large cruise ship completed its final trial voyage
On September 12, after six days and five nights of 1,630 nautical miles of sea voyage, the completion trial of the much-anticipated "Aida·Modu" was successfully completed. All verification projects met the standards, and the entire ship's systems and equipment have reached the delivery status. .

The test results showed that all performance indicators of the "Aida·Modu" were in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and met the requirements of the contract and technical specifications. All were confirmed by the shipowner and the classification society, and the completed sea trial was a complete success.

This result also means that the "Aida·Modu" is ready for navigation, thus laying a solid foundation for naming, delivery and operation at the end of this year.

NO.3 Friendship International Port has become the busiest port in Vietnam for customs clearance activities
According to the Vietnam News Agency, the Friendship International Port has become the busiest port for import and export customs clearance activities in Vietnam. It is reported that an average of 500-700 vehicles pass through customs clearance every day. The goods imported and exported through the port are mainly machinery and equipment, parts, and automobile parts. Parts, complete vehicles, chemicals, fresh fruits and other goods.

According to statistics from the Friendship International Port Functional Force, from the beginning of 2023 to the end of August, various troops have handled entry and exit procedures for more than 143,500 vehicles, including 101,500 imported cars; the import and export volume through the Friendship International Border Port is expected to exceed 18 One hundred million U.S. dollars.

Fan Qingjin, deputy director of the Youyi Border Gate Customs Branch, said that the department has deployed many professional measures and applied advanced information technology to assist in the processing of customs procedures, minimizing customs clearance time while ensuring that enterprises pass standardized and normalized procedures.

NO.4 Chengdu opens direct flight to Paris for cross-border e-commerce export all-cargo flight

Recently, the "Chengdu-Paris" export cross-border e-commerce all-cargo flight route took off from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The flight carried a total of 57,000 cross-border e-commerce products from Pinduoduo’s e-commerce platform TEMU, mainly clothing, mobile phone accessories, decorations, bags and other products, with a total cargo weight of 62 tons and a value of 11.5442 million yuan.

At 11:00 on September 11, Beijing time, the plane flying the flight landed at Paris Airport. This is the first direct all-cargo flight route to Paris for cross-border e-commerce exports opened by Chengdu Aviation Port. The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Customs said that the route is scheduled to operate three times a week to bring "Made in China" goods to France.

NO.5 Xiamen’s first “cross-border e-commerce + air and air combined transport” export customs transit business was successfully completed
China Southern Airlines Logistics Company ensured that a batch of goods were transferred from Xiamen to London via Daxing on a China Southern Airlines flight recently, marking the successful completion of Xiamen's first "cross-border e-commerce + air-air combined transport" export customs transit business, providing cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Fujian The new outbound channel helps the development of cross-border e-commerce business in Fujian.

The development of a new export transit model of "cross-border e-commerce + air and air combined transportation" has solved the pain points of insufficient transportation capacity and slow timeliness of Fujian's local e-commerce companies exporting to Europe, and has achieved "one order declaration" for customs clearance of e-commerce goods originating from Xiamen Airport. An important attempt across the country. China Southern Airlines Logistics will take this transportation as an opportunity to provide Fujian cross-border e-commerce enterprises with an airport functional service industry chain and service guarantee.