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Everything grows and lives up to the spring——the first experience of loading cabinets

star Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-04-21 14:12:46

Grain Rain is one of the twenty-four solar terms, which falls on April 19-21 in the Gregorian calendar every year. Grain Rain, as the last solar term in spring, means that the cold wave weather is basically over, the temperature rises faster, and the precipitation increases significantly, which is conducive to the growth of cereal crops.

Our small partners of Sunny Worldwide Logistics develop customers in the spring, plant the seeds of hope, answer patiently in the following days, serve attentively, and welcome the fruits of victory with the most professional attitude. Today I would like to introduce to you that the protagonist is Ting, a little beauty from the sales department. She graduated in June last year and came to our Hongmingda logistics company to bravely challenge the sales post at the end of October. It is rumored that she is a night owl who likes to climb Wutong Mountain at night. This is in line with the target customer. The time difference is right. After the precipitation of professional knowledge and the result of my own continuous efforts, I have successfully developed many customers.

Today I’m talking about Ting’s Australian customer, and she really experienced the professionalism of racing against time to outdo the owner of the goods. On the morning of the 14th, the customer confirmed that the goods will be delivered to Sydney Harbor by the agent for customs clearance and delivery. The ship needs to be ordered on the 19th, and the container will be loaded on the 15th, because the time is just stuck on Friday, and there is no way to arrange commodity inspection on Saturday. The time is very tight. Urgent, Ting sent the documents prepared in advance to the operation and booking space in the morning, and at the same time, the goods applied for door-to-door fumigation and stamping and commodity inspection, and submitted and confirmed all the document data on the 14th. With the help of the business/operation/department supervisor, 14 I got the SO at noon, and arranged a door-to-door stamp at 4:00 p.m., and put it in the cabinet at 8:30 a.m. on the 15th.

It seems that everything is going well, but when I arrived at the warehouse, I found that the packaging size of the goods deviated from the data provided by the supplier, and the package was larger than expected, and there was a possibility that it would not fit. Send all the goods to the customer in the form of photos and videos at the first time, inform the customer that there is a deviation in the data, and there may be a possibility that a 20GP cannot be packed, and send the packing list (with the supplier's name) sorted in advance to the customer . In the case of an urgent need to arrange loading and returning of containers, the customer has not responded for a long time, and clarified the matter clearly, provided alternative solutions, and prioritized consideration of customers and goods to ensure that the goods are not damaged while saving customers' costs. Communicate the plan with the cabinet master on site in a timely manner, plan reasonably as much as possible to load the goods safely, facing the oversized and overweight marble table of nearly 500kg, and many irregular sofas, our masters use their experience and skills to operate stably place, save more space to stack other goods. Pay attention to the particularity of the goods throughout the process, and place them reasonably according to the characteristics of the goods. 141 boxes of large and small goods, from impossible to possible, are neatly packed into a 20GP. The customer was also surprised when he saw the pictures of the cabinets I sent. Afterwards, he also compiled the pictures of the damaged packaging of the goods taken by the warehouse and the problems encountered in the cabinets (the marble table is too heavy) into a document, reminding the customers to pay more attention when unloading the goods.

As Ting who experienced the loading scene for the first time, the excellent team of Sunny Worldwide Logistics gave her support and guidance behind her, which gave her more experience and growth in the freight forwarding industry. Choosing Sunny Worldwide Logistics is more professional than the owner of the goods. Leave it to a professional.