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Door to door air delivery from China to Malaysia

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-10-20 15:39:46

In order to better help everyone and make freight transportation more convenient,Sunny Worldwide Logistics Logisticsrelease Door-to-door air delivery from China to Malaysia Dedicated line logistics Services so that your goods can reach their destination easily and quickly.

01 Our services

Air freight from China to Malaysia, door to door service,Shipping starts from 1kg, the whole process takes 5-7 days . Hongmingda Logistics provides professional logistics services that are not only fast and reliable, but also transparently priced with no hidden fees. We promise that after you send the goods, we will deliver them to your designated location within a short time to ensure that your goods can reach Malaysia safely.

02 Our advantages


Customized solutions: Depending on the needs and cargo characteristics, whether it is a small package or a large cargo, we can provide you with suitable transportation methods and services;

Logistics channels are better than those of peers: take charge ofThe vice president of 13 freight forwarding associations has strong foreign trade logistics coordination capabilities, which few colleagues can achieve.

Set up an early warning mechanism: Before the goods are sent out, possible risks will be fully considered to give customers peace of mind;

Give customers peace of mind: Done Customs clearance procedures , deliver the goods to customers,DDP door-to-door service:

Stable delivery time: Fixed flights to provide stable and reliable services;

Our logistics process is very standardized. We will develop exclusive logistics plans for the goods to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination on time. And throughout the logistics process, we will provide you with real-time logistics information to ensure that you can understand it at any time. The location and transportation status of your goods will be tracked and fed back in real time throughout the entire process.

03 door to door service

Sunny Worldwide Logistics Logistics has a complete logistics network and can provide customers with fast and accurate delivery services. In the dedicated air freight logistics service from China to Malaysia, we also provide DDP Door to door service ,7Complete customs clearance procedures within days, allowing your goods to reach their destination more safely.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics LogisticsThere are more than26 years of international logistics experience in our China to Malaysia Air Freight Line Logistics In terms of service, we not only have very favorable prices, but also can provide customers with more flexible services. Come and try a small order.