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Documents-Qualification Certification-Saudi SABER

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Documents-Qualification Certification-Saudi SABER


SABER certification is a conformity certification assessment program for non-Saudi local companies (that is, companies exporting to Saudi Arabia). SABER is a system designed to promote the new Saudi product safety program (called "SALEEM"). In SABER Registered and stored data include technical data/test reports used to verify the safety aspects of shipped items, as well as shipping documents such as certificates of origin, commercial invoices and bills of lading.
The goal of the Product Safety Program SALEEM is to provide customers in the Saudi market with products of the highest quality (local and imported) with the support of SASO. These products are defect-free and comply with Saudi standards. SALEEM will develop a complete program of rules, systems, procedures and standards. system.

Certification cycle:
1. PCOC certificate: It takes about 5 working days to issue the certificate for general information and products (about 15 working days for factory inspection products) 2. SCOC certificate: After submitting the information, it takes 1-2 working days to issue the certificate.
The main products approved by Saudi Arabia are:
Toys, electronic and electrical products, automobile and motorcycle parts, aluminum and aluminum alloy structural products, steel, iron and alloy pipes, textile products, fire extinguishers, cement, safety matches, low-pressure household natural gas cylinder pressure regulators, facial tissues, cigarettes, etc. .

1. Power of attorney (for PC application)
2. Test report (for PC application)
3. Product photos (for PC application)
4.Packaging photos (for PC application)
Trademark image (for PC application)
6. Importer account (for PC application)
7. Packing list (for SC application)
8. Invoice (for SC application)
9. Product photos (for SC application)
10. Packaging photos (for SC application)
11. Letter of guarantee (for SC application)
12. Importer account (for applying for SC)

SABER certification process:
The first stage: PC certificate (product certificate certification)
*Business registration for SABER system account
The importer enters the application information into the SABER system
*The importer selects an issuing agency in the SABER system *Pays the PC certificate fee
*The issuing agency receives the application and contacts the exporter to submit the certification documents. *The issuing agency submits the reviewed documents to the SABER system. *The PC certificate is issued. The certificate is valid for 1 year.
Stage Two: SCOC Certificate (Certificate of Inspection)
*The importer submits the SCOC application to the SABER system *The issuing agency confirms the validity of the PC certificate
*Pay SCOC certification fee

*Issue a SCOC certificate, which is only for this batch of imported goods

In actual operation, many customers' HS codes may be incorrect. Because the Saudi HS code is different from the domestic HS code. The domestic HS code is 10 digits and the Saudi HS code is 12 digits. Therefore, before issuing a certificate, you must confirm the customs code with the Saudi customer, and the customs code can be found on the Saudi website. After the query, the product can correspond to the found result, and the Saudi customer also approves it, and then it can be used for the certificate. . Otherwise, even if the certificate is issued, there is a risk of not passing customs.