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Another supplier return order from an old Russian air freight customer

Elena Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-06-27 11:11:24

2023Year5moon11my day Russiaair transport An old customer found me, he said that he has a batch of coupling accessories that he needs to use urgently, and he still needs our Sunny Worldwide Logistics Russia Air Freight Service , But her supplier's factory machine broke down, and he was in a hurry to delay the delivery. Because he said that his factory is about to stop production and needs this batch of accessories to operate normally. Once the factory starts to stop production, it will cause very huge losses. Usually we Russia Air Freight Service The operating time is generally calculated from the time of picking up the goods to the airport.3-5day time. but he needs fast air service this time2Days will arrive.

After I learned his information, I immediately helped him forMUlate aMUAirline program from Shanghai to MoscowSVOThe direct flight service at the airport meets his time limit Russia air freight transportation plan. He immediately chose this logistics solution. He said he was finally relieved and thanked for my professional service.


While communicating with him, I also contacted the supplier, Know the earliest time to pick up the goods, wait for me Russia air freight The guest confirmed the Russia air freight After the plan, I calculated the delivery time and coordinated the flight Russia air freight Flight operating hours, book the fastest flight immediately. The choice of logistics time node is a great test for the freight forwarder, and the time from delivery to departure is very tight. Once a certain link goes wrong, it may lead to failure to catch up Russia air freight If you are temporarily unable to catch up with the flight, you will be charged the full amount of the lost cabin fee. If the operation is to be smooth, the requirements for the time control ability, professional ability, flexibility ability, coordination and organization ability and risk resistance ability of the freight forwarder are very high, and few peers can do it.


Russiaair transport During the shipping process, I arranged the process in advance, and estimated the possible risk accidents, and avoided them in advance, so the transportation process was very smooth, and the customer cleared the customs and picked up the batch on the third day after takeoff Russia air freight goods


When the goods arrive at the destination, I will report to the supplier that the goods have arrived

Suppliers praised our speed and good service

I told him that every time I tailor a plan for our customers according to their needs, because I have rich experience, I can always quickly match him with a suitable transportation method according to the needs of the customer, so that the customer can rest assured.

And we have a professional operation and customer service team, which can quickly arrange after billing, bringing a good experience to customers.


The supplier of this batch of goods was immediately impressed by the high-quality service of our Sunny Worldwide Logistics, and asked me to calculate the price for him.

After calculating the price, the supplier said that the price and service of our Hongmingda Logistics are very compatible. Although it is not cheap, he understands the principle that you get what you pay for. He has suffered from being greedy for cheap before.

There are all kinds of prices on the market, no matter how cheap the price is, go out and look for it, and you can find cheaper ones


But do you really rest assured that your goods will be delivered to unsecured forwarders?

There are many freight forwarders on the market now. Two or three people work in a small room in a village in the city. They dare to pick up the goods and run away when there is a problem. This is too common.

I have several customers who have suffered such a loss

After finding me, he couldn't do without him after finishing a cooperation order, and became our old customer of Hongmingda Logistics


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The suppliers of several old customers have been transferred to my old customers, willing to mine High-quality service pays the bill, what are you worried about? Order now, you won't go bankrupt, I won't get rich, so Now Immediately, immediately, try a small order Bar!