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82 ships! October global shipbuilding industry monthly report released

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In October, new global shipbuilding orders increased by 10.04% month-on-month. South Korean shipbuilding companies received the most orders, and China ranked second.

According to Clarkson's latest statistics, 82 new orders were signed globally in October 2023. Compared with 115 new orders signed globally in September 2023, the number decreased by 33 ships month-on-month.

Compared with 126 new orders signed globally in October 2022, the number decreased by 44 ships year-on-year.

In terms of ship type, there are 12 bulk carriers, with a total of 1,211,250 deadweight tons; 7 oil tankers, with a total deadweight of 1,015,000; 8 chemical tankers, with a total of 186,000 deadweight; 2 container ships, with a total of 2,500 TEUs; 25 liquefied gas ships ships, totaling 3,872,000 cubic meters; 16 other ship types, totaling 232,263CGT; 12 offshore engineering ships, totaling 94,107CGT.

Shipbuilding market’s order book status

In October, the global shipbuilding market held orders for 4,359 ships, and Chinese shipyards accounted for 2,539 ships, accounting for 58.25% of the global market share.

According to Clarkson data, as of November 8, 2023, global shipyards have orders for 4,359 ships, totaling 122,584,371 CGT. Compared with the 4,386 ships counted on October 8, 2023, totaling 122,988,286CGT, the number of orders on hand fell by 0.62% month-on-month, and the revised total tonnage fell by 0.33% month-on-month.

Judging from the main ship types, the number of orders on hand for bulk carriers is 1,096, with a total of 80,808,170 deadweight tons; the number of orders on hand for oil tankers is 693, with a total of 44,050,890 deadweight tons; the number of orders on hand for container ships is 881, with a total of 7,271,493 TEUs.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the decline in demand and the relaxation of market supply and demand, global trade has declined. Global demand for new ships has declined, especially in the container shipping market, and shipping rates have continued to fall.