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$40 to $80! Hapag-Lloyd to impose war risk surcharge!

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Hapag-Lloyd recently announced that starting from January 1, 2024, a war risk surcharge (WRS) will be levied on cargo shipped to and from Israel. WRS will apply to all containers and cargo types.

Hapag-Lloyd said: For cargo on routes between Nordic or Mediterranean countries and Israel, the war risk surcharge will be US$40/TEU; for cargo from other regions to and from Israel, a war risk surcharge of US$80/TEU will be charged. fee.

Intra-Mediterranean and Northern European geographical areas include: United Kingdom, Ireland, Belfim, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Augustria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland , Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Turkey.

From January 1, 2024, freight forwarders need to pay attention to Hapag-Lloyd’s war risk surcharge when booking space in the above regions.

What is the War Risk Surcharge?

WRS is the abbreviation of English War Risk Surcharge, which means "war risk surcharge".

WRS fees refer to additional costs caused by uncertain factors such as war, politics, and social unrest on the transportation route when goods are imported or exported.

These fees usually include insurance premiums for the ship and cargo in higher-risk areas, the cost of special security measures, etc., and are charged by the shipping company to the customer (such as the importer or exporter).