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21 billion yuan! During Macron's three-day visit to China, China's shipbuilding industry ushered in the largest single order

Lian China Logistics Network 2023-04-15 17:55:13

China State Shipbuilding Corporation won another 21 billion yuan order for 16 large container ships from the "old friend" CMA CGM, breaking the record for the largest amount of container ships signed by China's shipbuilding industry in one fell swoop.

This order is also the first time that China State Shipbuilding Group has undertaken a batch of orders for methanol fueled power tank ships, marking that China State Shipbuilding Corporation has entered the global new clean energy power ship club in one fell swoop.

From April 5th to 7th, French President Macron was invited to pay a state visit to China. During Macron's visit to China, the cooperation between Chinese and French companies covered aviation, shipping, rail transportation and other fields, including tens of billions of dollars in orders.

On April 6, China State Shipbuilding Corporation and the CMA CGM Group formally signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing. The agreement includes the construction of 2 types of 16 large container ships, with an amount of more than 21 billion yuan, including 12 15,000TEU methanol dual-fuel power large-scale Container ships and four 23,000TEU liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual-fuel powered ultra-large container ships.

It is understood that this type of 15,000TEU methanol dual fuel-powered large container ship was built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. under China Shipbuilding Group and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. respectively. Eight research institutes independently develop and design.

This type of ship uses green methanol as the main fuel, can achieve net zero emissions throughout the voyage, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. This type of ship has a total length of 366 meters, a molded width of 51 meters and a molded depth of 30.2 meters, and can carry 156,000 tons of cargo. Its line type adopts approximation technology and efficient global optimization algorithm, and combines the verification of numerical pool (CFD) and physical pool (ship model test) to achieve optimization.

At the same time, fully considering the actual needs of the shipowner's operating conditions, the comprehensive hydrodynamic performance has also been continuously improved and optimized, and finally a new ship type with excellent performance has been formed. After rigorous, rigorous and rigorous scientific testing, the energy efficiency design index (EEDI) of this type of ship can be reduced by more than 60%, meeting the most stringent emission requirements in the world.

The four LNG dual-fuel 23,000TEU ultra-large container ships signed this time are upgraded versions of the nine ships of the same type that will be completed and delivered in June 2021. They were built by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation. The eight institutes independently develop and design, and also have completely independent intellectual property rights.

This type of ship has a total length of 399.9 meters, a molded width of 61.3 meters, a cargo hold depth of 33.5 meters, and a deck area of ​​23,978 square meters, which is equivalent to 3.5 standard football fields. This type of ship can hold 23,000 standard containers at a time, and can carry 220,000 tons of cargo.

This type of ship adopts the world's largest dual-fuel power W12X92DF main engine independently developed and manufactured by WinGD, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and is equipped with a 18,600 cubic meter MARK III membrane fuel tank for loading LNG, providing "green fuel" for the ship. Power", known as a model ship model of "China's independent research and development design operation construction supporting" model.

As important strategic partners, CSSC and CMA CGM have always adhered to the principles of equality, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation, jointly coping with the market situation and innovating business models together.

According to statistics, in the past 10 years, CMA CGM has successively ordered more than 70 green high-value-added container ships in the shipping companies under China State Shipbuilding Corporation, becoming a model of friendly cooperation between the world's leading shipbuilding companies and shipping companies.

Among them, more than 30 ships have been completed and delivered, including the first 18,000 TEU ultra-large container ship project built by China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and the world's first LNG-powered 23,000 TEU ultra-large container ship project.

It is worth mentioning that in April 2021, CMA CGM ordered a total of 22 container ships of type 3 at three shipyards under China State Shipbuilding Corporation, setting a new record for the largest single container ship order in the history of China's shipbuilding industry.

Among them, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has received orders for six 15,000TEU dual-fuel container ships, Hudong Zhonghua has received orders for six 13,000TEU dual-fuel container ships, and Qingdao Beichuan Heavy Industry has received orders for ten conventionally powered 5,500TEU container ships.

As an active proponent and leader of "zero carbon" emissions, China State Shipbuilding Corporation has always been forward-looking and working with industry partners including CMA CGM to promote the research and development of "zero carbon" emission ship types, and to realize the goal of "zero carbon" emission. "The transformation and upgrading of ship types contributes Chinese solutions, Chinese wisdom and Chinese power to global zero-carbon shipping.